Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet like many “All Volunteer” 501c3 nonprofit organizations are only able to operate and accomplish its mission due to the generosity, time, and energy provided by those who wish to make a difference in our society.  All of our volunteers are deeply appreciated and are critical to the daily operations of our organization.

Basic Qualifications:

  1. Have a passion to help our military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets plus work with others who share this passion. 
(personal opinion about the war should not affect your ability to support our Military)
  2. Be a self-starter, have excellent organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills, plus able to work independently and as a “team” player.
  3. Able and willing to follow and adhere to the organization’s mission, purpose, operating procedures, and organizational policies/guidelines.
  4. Comfortable using and access to MS Office (especially Word and Excel)
  5. Professional communication skills via the Internet, phone calls, and email.
  6. Previous experience in a specific volunteer role preferred.
  7. Understanding of the military community and ability to interact with our clients.
  8. Able to commit at least one year to the volunteer role.

Volunteers Commit To:

  1. Understand and be committed to the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© mission.
  2. Able and willing to follow and adhere to the Organization’s policies and procedures.
  3. Recognize that volunteer commitment is a significant responsibility.
  4. Strive to achieve the highest quality, effectiveness, and dignity in both the process and programs of the organization
  5. Appreciate that when identifiable as a Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet©, volunteer that behavior and actions reflect on the organization.
  6. Protecting the privacy of our clients, our foster homes, public stakeholders, and other volunteers.
  7. Able and willing to commit to being clear, transparent, and accountable when dealing with the information shared with you.
  8. Refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers, staff, clients, foster homes, and demonstrate passion and commitment to the organization.
  9. Request assistance, training, and/or supervision when uncertain or unable to carry out duties to a high level of efficiency and quality.
  10. Provide feedback to assist in the continued quality improvement of the Organization and its volunteer program.
  11. Contribute to a “Team” environment by demonstrating respect and fair treatment without regard to gender, place of origin, sexual orientation, age, religion, political belief, color, physical or mental ability, or economic status.
  12. Refrain from the use of profane, harassing, or otherwise offensive language.
  13. Maintains on-going communications with the organization’s National office and CEO.
  14. Submit monthly reports as required (Monthly Activity Report by coordination volunteers and Monthly Time Reporting documents by all National and State Support Team level volunteers).

Volunteer Bill of Rights:

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© is dedicated to providing the information and materials needed by those individuals who have determined they wish to be part of the Organization’s National and/or State volunteer teams which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. The right to be treated as a “team member”, not just “free help” or a prima donna.
  2. The right to a suitable assignment, with consideration for personal preference, temperament, life experience, education and employment background.
  3. The right to know as much about the organization as possible, its mission, is policies, its clients, and its programs.
  4. The right to training for the selected volunteer role thoughtfully planned and effectively presented.
  5. The right to sound guidance and direction, by someone who is experienced, well-informed, patient and thoughtful.
  6. The right to a place to work, orderly, designated, conducive to work and suitable for the volunteer work to be done (applicable to the National office “on-site” volunteers).
  7. The right to enhance skills and knowledge, through advancement to assignments of more responsibility.
  8. The right to be heard, to have respect shown for comments and suggestions.
  9. The right to recognition, through means of appreciation and by being treated as a bonafide “team member”.

Volunteer Protection Acts:

Below are two federal Volunteer Protection Acts.  Potential volunteers with our organization should check any state-specific laws.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Note: Click on the opportunity to learn more about it, the responsibilities and desired skills.

National Volunteer Board of Directors’

  1. National Board Member

National Volunteer Administrative/Support Roles (Three in and around Texas with ZIP code 76528)

  1. National Fundraising Director
  2. National Training Director
  3. National Program Directors

National Volunteer Marketing/Communications Team

  1. National Marketing/Communications Director
  2. Communications Manager
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Media Relations Manager
  5. Social Media Administrator

State Volunteer Administrative/Support Roles

  1. Foster Coordination Liaison
  2. Community Outreach Liaison

Warrior’s Angels Program Volunteer Roles

Note: The following opportunities are for individuals in the state of Texas.

  1. Warriors’ Angels Program Director
  2. Warriors’ Angels Coordination Liaison
  3. Warriors’ Angels Community Outreach Liaison

National Office – Off- and On-Site Volunteer Roles

Note: National Office located outside of Gatesville, TX

  1. Chief Executive Officer- In-Training
  2. Administrative Assistants
  3. Bookkeeper
  4. Property Maintenance Committee
  5. Capital Project Director
  6. Capital Project Fundraising Committee 
  7. Capital Project Event Committee 
  8. Capital Project Outreach Committee


Click the button below, complete and submit our Volunteer Application. The Volunteer Program Administrator will contact you via email within 3 business days with further instructions and next steps.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.