This position is a virtual volunteer role for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© at the state level acting on behalf of the organization and responsible for managing and overseeing the Warriors’ Angels© program in the state of Texas.

This position reports to the National CEO.

This position is not responsible for fundraising, attending local events when possible as a representative of the organization, or doing presentations except in the state of TX only at this time.


  1. Recruits and develops volunteer support teams within their specific state consisting of a state level Admin Assistant, designated area Liaison who will represent the program in their designated areas within the state from a program coordination perspective, a designated area Admin Assistant helping a specific and an Outreach Liaison who will represent the program in designated areas with local media contacts and participation in local events that we have been invited to do so and will be a benefit to the program by having an “Information Table” at such events. The National Program Director assists with recruiting effort where needed.
  2. Trains the WA “Coordination Liaison” volunteers related to the program’s purpose, the program’s process, required paper trails and recordkeeping practices, working with the program’s clients and knowledge related to the program’s clients’ disability, and working with the other support team volunteers covering their designated area.
  3. Works with the National CEO in promoting the program via emails, phone calls, press releases, presentations, and distributing the approved marketing materials to those with a need to know including but not limited to VA medical centers, military installations with Warrior Transition Units/Brigades, media outlets, other military/veteran organizations, and those with a need to know in civilian communities.
  4. Assists and responds to questions from Assistant Liaisons where needed.
  5. Maintain a state-specific tracking workbook (provided by the Natl CEO as an Excel workbook) which provide basic information per “Team” within their specific state and maintains a record of specific dates from the time of receipt related to a specific application to the day of the Team’s Graduation Day.
  6. Prepares the Organization’s monthly “Volunteer Service Hours” report for recording and reporting your time during a month, emailing report as an attachment to the National office no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting month.
  7. Attends and participates in quarterly conference call meetings with the National Program Director.
  8. Check the official program assigned email account on a daily basis.
  9. Maintains open communications with the designated area support teams and the National CEO on a timely basis either via email, or phone. Use of texting and/or any social media venue is not to be used for contacting program supporters/sponsors, potential Clients, etc., or other volunteers within the organization for any reason.
  10. At such time as the volunteer advises the National CEO they are stepping down from this volunteer role (in writing via email), the WA Director is responsible for providing an updated state tracking workbook to the National CEO, along with an email advising the National CEO of any issues they have been working on and their status at time the WA Director steps down. Same requirement if the organization advises the volunteer their volunteer role with the Organization has officially been terminated.

Desired Skills:

  1. A passion to help and support our military service members, wounded warriors, and veterans who have been medically diagnosed with PTSD, plus working with others who share this passion
  2. Be a self-starter, has excellent organizational, interpersonal, and management skills, plus able to work independently and as part of a “Team”.
  3. Understand and agree to follow and adhere to the Organization’s program purpose, paper trail and recordkeeping requirements, operating procedures, and program standards.
  4. Knowledge and/or prior experience related to individuals diagnosed with PTSD, and/or “assistance service animals” involving the “American Disability Act” (ADA) and the AKC “Canine Good Citizenship” CGC 10 step program definitely helpful.
  5. Knowledge and experience interacting with service members or veterans who have been medically diagnosed with PTSD, definitely helpful.
  6. Working knowledge of and access to MS Office (such as Word, Excel) or similar software (Open Office)
  7. Ability and proficient in communicating via the Internet, phone calls, and email. Prior Customer Service knowledge and experience helpful
  8. Previous volunteer nonprofit managerial experience preferred
  9. Able to commit at least 1 year in this position
  10. Estimated Time per Month: averaging 45-50 hours

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Updated: 21 May 2017