The Foster Coordination Liaison (FCL) position is a virtual volunteer role for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© at the state level acting on behalf of the organization and responsible for assisting a Military Service Member (MSM) or Veteran in recommending a potential foster home which closely emulates the pet(s) living environment and acting as the liaison between the MSM/Veteran and the agreed to foster home (Guardian Angel) to care for the pet(s) during the specified foster term.

This position reports to our volunteer “National Coordination Director” (NCD).

This position is not responsible for fundraising, attending local events as a representative of the organization, or doing presentations unless discussed and approval given in writing by the National CEO.


  1. Contact new potential foster home (FH) upon receipt of foster home submission. Initial contact should be via phone within 48 hours following receipt of the FH submission. This requirements may also accomplished by email advising them we have received the submission and an approximate date that you will contact them via phone.
  2. Contact the MSM via phone upon receipt of pet submission within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt of submission, review and confirm information submitted is accurate and complete, and determine submission falls within the defined criteria, and verify latest date home is needed.
  3. Identify the potential FH that could be a good match for a specific pet submission and contact them (phone or email) about the pet submission. Usually a phone call at first is best, followed up with an email with basic pet information and pet pic (if one submitted) so the potential FH can discuss with other family members
  4. Advise the MSM and Potential FH via email the need for them to have a “Meet and Greet” between the MSM, his/her beloved pet or pets, the potential FH, residents, and resident pets with attached Fostering Written Agreement (FWA) and Certificate of Veterinary Inspection documents
  5. Follow up with MSM and potential FH as to how the “Meet and Greet” went, answer any additional questions, and remind both parties that the FWA needs to be prepared and signed by both parties and we request the FH fax a signed copy of the FWA to the National office as defined on the document itself. NOTE: All fields need to have a definite entry as requested on the FWA and failure to do so may prevent Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© from assisting in the event an issue and/or problem arises during the foster term.
  6. Maintain contact with the FH and MSM during the time the pet is being fostered and assist with any questions and/or any issues that may arise during the foster term. Note: It is important to our organization and our clients (MSM) that we keep the line of communication open with the FH. If a problem arises during the foster term, contact the assigned Regional or State Director and National office in a timely manner for appropriate assistance.
  7. Maintain a tracking workbook (provided by the organization as an Excel workbook)) of potential foster homes, MSM pet submissions, fostered pets, and missions accomplished (pets reunited), plus a record of those foster homes who have requested to be dropped and pet submissions that were closed.
  8. Prepare “Monthly Activity Report” for your area of responsibility, sending the report to the assigned Regional or State Director and the National office no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting month (EX: Oct 09 activities to reach national office by Nov 15).
  9. Prepare monthly “Volunteer Time Reporting” document for recording and reporting your time during a month, emailing report as an attachment to the National office no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting month.
  10. Promote the Organization (Who We Are-What We Do-How We Do It) to those the FCL knows or feels would be interested in what we do (individuals, other groups/organizations, businesses, etc.)
  11. Check the official assigned email account on a daily basis
  12. Maintain open communications with the assigned Regional or State Director and the National office on a timely basis either via email, or phone. Use of texting and/or any social media venue is not to be used for contacting a MSM, foster home, or other volunteers within the organization for any reason.
  13. Respond to any requests from the National Coordination Director (NCD) and/or the National office in a timely and professional manner.
  14. At such time as the volunteer advises the organization they are stepping down from this volunteer role, the FCL is responsible for providing an updated tracking workbook for the state or states they have been covering, along with an email advising the National Coordination Director (NCD) of pending cases that are being worked on and their status at time the FCL steps down. Same requirement if the organization advises the FCL their volunteer role with our organization has officially been terminated.

Desired Skills:

  1. A passion to help our military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets plus work with other people who share this passion.
  2. Be a self-starter, has excellent organizational, interpersonal, and management skills, plus able to work independently and as a “team” player.
  3. Understand and agree to follow and adhere to the Organization’s mission, purpose, operating procedures, and organizational policies/guidelines.
  4. Comfortable using and access to MS office (such as Word, Excel), communicate via the internet, phone calls, and email.
  5. Previous volunteer nonprofit managerial and animal related coordination/placement experience helpful
  6. Able to commit at least 1 year in this position

Estimated Volunteer Time per Month:

  • 25-30 hours (actual hours per month is variable on a state by state basis and military/veteran activity within a specific state)

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Updated:  26 March 2018