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From One Military Service Member: 

“Well let me start by saying, Guardians Angels is hands down the best organization available, to not only help soldiers but to help people help Jasper with MSM and Foster Momsoldiers. My dog, Jasper was with an amazing foster family! His foster mom not only treated him like her own but she gave me peace of mind so I could focus on the tasks at hand and not if my dog was okay or not. She made him a Facebook page so I could follow his adventures and took him places and did things with him that I probably never would have. Now not only does Jasper have a lifelong friend but so do I. Thanks to Carol, John and Guardians Angels. Without you, my deployment would have been unbearable!”  – Holly, Specialist, Army National Guard



The following are excerpts of comments/remarks that we have received from Military (Active/Retired) and Non-Military Individuals in Support of Our Mission.

In addition, reviews by our clients, volunteers, and supporters are available at “Great Nonprofits“.  Also at this site clients, volunteers, and supporters can leave a review and their experience with Guardian  Angels for Soldier’s Pet.

  • Arizona
    • T.R., Spouse of Deployed Hero: “I would have lost one of my family members (my puppy casino) if it weren’t for Guardian angels helping me save him…its hard enough when your husband is deployed its harder to be away from your animals while he’s gone, guardian angels support and protects, I couldn’t have done it without them…thank you!”
    • RE: “While searching the internet for info on a project I’m working on. Congratulations to everyone for working so hard to make this such a success for our military, they certainly deserve all our help and thanks.”
    • C: “This is a great thing you folks are doing! Too often, no thought is given to the flying/walking/swimming partners in our deployed soldier’s lives. Keep up the great work. Each and everything positive that communities do to ease the deployed (Active, Reservist, Guardsmen) soldier’s concerns help that soldier to concentrate on their mission. Thank you all.”
  • Arkansas
    • TS: “In these times of war, it is every Americans’ responsibility to help in any way they can. I ask every person who visits this site to get involved any way possible. God Bless America and all Americans.”
  • California
    • BW, CPT: “I know this is a very late reply, but I wanted to thank you guys for your incredible efforts to take care of my pup. I am currently in Iraq, but my pup is safe with a foster home and both of them are doing well because they have each other. Without your help, we would not have been able to keep him.”
    • R: “This is excellent! Our pets mean so much to us and ask for so little in return. To know your pet is in the care of someone who will give them the love and attention they deserve will put the mind at ease and let the serviceperson’s attention be on other issues.”
    • M: “This touches my heart in an amazing way. As the proud new owner of a rescued kitten, I’m going to share this website with all of the pet-lovers I know… both military and non-military. I would be proud to be involved with this organization.”
    • TL, USMC Retired: “I think you have a great idea. I have many people I send e-mails to and am going to send your website to them.”
  • Connecticut
    • PS: “I heard about your organization through Military. COM and think this is a wonderful idea. My husband is active duty Navy and we had never heard of the services you offer.”
  • Florida
    • L. Harris: “Thank you for the work you are doing in fostering the pets of our soldiers. Your volunteers who foster are doing a great job. Thank you so very much.”
    • M, Active Duty-Navy Sr Chief: “This is one of the most thoughtful ideas I heard of in my 24 years of military service. Great program!!! Keep it up. I will be glad to publicize this organization at my command.”
    • PW: “Awesome site – great that someone thought of their pets.”
  • Georgia
    • A: “Wanted to send congrats to all of the people on this website that are willing to take care of our troops’ animals. I know it is not a task for everyone and sure that all of the troops that do not have anyone to care for them give thanks every day that their best friends are being taken care of.”
  • Illinois
    • J: “I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing for our troops.. as a pet owner I know how much one’s pet means to them… the joy and solace they bring. God bless you in your endeavor.”
    • JF, Navy: “You and Guardian Angels…are awesome!!! Thank you so much. I didn’t realize that you check on the dogs that are fostered.”
    • TT:Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets is a great organization. They saved my old dog’s life and enabled me to perform my duty without the burden of putting an old friend to sleep. I was alerted for quick movement in support of a named operation. I was confronted with the emotionally charged dilemma about my old, blind dog Jimmy. With less than a week to get my affairs in order, a conspiracy of circumstances that precluded shipping Jimmy to my family, a taxing set of old dog maladies that included congestive heart failure, cataracts, and history of terrier rambunctiousness: Jimmy’s days were looking numbered. I got all weepy thinking that the little rascal would be heading to Valhalla before nature called. Enter Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets. I heard about this organization through Military OneSource. The responded promptly and effectively. They put me in contact with local foster family, Charlotte, and Mike, who took Jimmy into their loving home at the drop of a hat. They dealt with Jimmy’s issues and accommodated several extension to my return date. Charlotte and Mike help me get Jimmy prepared for my follow-on overseas PCS by getting all his blood test up to date. All total, Guardian Angels and Soldiers Pets is an amazing organization that helped me resolve my dilemma and avoid putting an old friend to sleep in order to accommodate urgent operational requirements. I am grateful and cannot speak more highly of Charlotte, Mike, Carol, and the entire Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet organization….just super.”
  • Kentucky
    • B: “This is such a great idea. We had to leave our lil girl and our horse as well when hubby got orders to S. Korea. Luckily our lil girl is staying with a couple of his friends who think she is the best lil dog. I will be sure to pass this link to all my online buds.”
    • MH: “I think this is really great. To think that I would have to leave my babies not knowing if they would get love, food, water, and a nice place to sleep and play time would break my heart. If you need our help to care for a man or ladies loved baby pet, we sure would love to do so.”
  • Massachusetts
    • RSF, USCG-Retired: “We believe in the silent, yet powerful support of pets!”
  • Maryland
    • S: “What a great idea, I bet a lot of people don’t even think of pets whey they think of what military families go through during deployments. As the “mother” of two terriers and the wife of an Air Force man, this strikes my heart. I would be more than willing to take in a dog while its owner is deployed.”
  • Mississippi
    • KG: “Being prior military and understand the need, so as long as this program or others like it exist we will open our home to the pets in need. Thank you to our service men and women and to groups that help them and their families and their animals.”
  • New Hampshire
    • A: “Just got a press release from the DoD about your program. As a veteran myself, I salute you. What a wonderful, wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you for looking out for those who can’t speak for themselves and giving their owners an alternative that they will be at peace with during their deployment.”
    • H: “I would like to help raise funds or start a chapter of your organization. I am a member of the military and am very happy to see that someone has thought of this worthwhile cause. I have four pets and if I deploy or go on a remote tour and am lucky that I have family who are willing to take them if I go. I have always wondered how I would feel if I didn’t have that outlet and I’m glad to see that now other members of the military will not have to worry either. Thank you.”
  • New Jersey
    • Marine Mom: “My son is a Marine with pets that his family were able to care for when he was deployed twice to the sandbox. What a wonderful caring thing to do for our Soldiers serving their country. Thanks for giving me some faith again in the goodness of us Americans.”
    • TP: “Absolutely love this cause. I passed this article I read on to my mom, a lover of animals and the armed forces, so I know she’ll love this idea as well and is networked on a lot of message boards, so will probably help get the word out as well.”
    • D: “God bless you all for doing such a wonderful thing for our service members and their pets! Keep up the great work!”
  • New York
    • SPC MT: “I am a returning soldier from OIF. I was fortunate enough to have a family who could care for my pets while I was deployed. My pets are an important part of my life and I would have been devastated had I not been able to have them cared for. I will be glad to offer my home to any soldier who needs to place his/her pet while deployed.”
  • North Carolina
    • BM: “I’m so glad I found this site. Thank you and God Bless our military men and women. I’m signing up to help and being an animal lover, couldn’t imagine having to leave them behind. I hope we all can help.”
  • Oklahoma
    • DB: “I have a dog and 3 cats of my own, but would gladly keep a pet of any military member assigned overseas. I was a military spouse for 34 1/2 years and had to give up a couple of pets over that time frame.”
  • Oregon
    • A: “I didn’t know that someone was offering this for their soldiers. God bless you. I am very glad that someone had this vision.”
  • Tennessee
    • B.S., Deployed Hero: “This is the organization that found a foster home for my dog for my upcoming one-year deployment. It is an organization of volunteers, but with some operating expenses. If you ever wonder how you can contribute to supporting our troops it may just be by supporting an organization that takes care of soldiers’ pets for them. I am certainly thankful for them.”
  • Virginia
    • K: “This sounds like a great program and I hope it spreads to other parts of the country. Keep up the great work.”
    • L: “What you are doing is simply special. I will be more than happy to help in your great project.”
  • Washington
    • JR: “I think this is a great site and you all are doing a tremendous service. I am located in the middle of 3 bases (Army, Air Force, Navy) and it would be nice if chapters could start near all military bases.”
    • B: “Thank you so much for what you are doing. I am a single reservist who may be faced with the problem of having to leave my two “kids” if deployed. Now I know that there is an option and that there are people out there who understand the importance of pets and are willing to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring and dedication to our troops. You are a true inspiration.”
  • Wisconsin
    • SPC SMD: “I would like to thank all of the “Guardian Angels” for their participation in such a program as this. Pets are an important part of a family. Thank you for your kindness and support.”
  • Wyoming
    • DZ: “Thank you for remembering the animals in this crisis.”

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