The volunteer National CEO-In-Training will work directly with the National CEO during a transition period of up to 1 year to learn what the National CEO does daily and is responsible for as follows:

The volunteer National CEO is the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet primary “Chief Operating Officer. In this position, the CEO facilitates the entire “day-to-day” operation of the organization under the general direction of the National Board of Directors (BOD) and specific supervision of the National President.

The National CEO recommends and participates in the formulation of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet policies, in the execution of its business, and in the development and maintenance of its organizational relationships with others internally and externally.

The National CEO is charged with keeping the organization’s BOD/National & State Support volunteers “up-to-date” in the accomplishments of its organizational mission including being responsible for the daily operations of the organizations to include receipt and payment of all bills.

Average time involved: 150 – 200 hours per month


  1. Reports to the National President and BOD
  2. Plans, formulates, and recommends for approval by the BOD, the basic policies and programs which will further the objectives of the organization
  3. Executes all decisions of the BOD except when other assignments are specifically made by the Board.
  4. Provides necessary staff support and necessary liaison for committee chairpersons and committees to enable them to properly perform their duties
  5. Ensures that committee decisions or recommendations are submitted to the appropriate organizational persons for approval
  6. Informs the BOD of the conditions and operations of the organization
  7. Serves as ex-officio and attends all BOD and any committee meetings
  8. Develops the “day-to-day” administration, specific procedures and programs for implementation of the general policies established by the BOD or required policies in order to be in compliance with any nonprofit laws and regulations.
  9. Establishes and maintains a planned program of liaison and cooperative relationships with various related local, state, and national agencies and organizations.
  10. Publicizes and promotes the programs, services, and achievements of the organization
  11. Prepare the Volunteer Service Hours report each month and records accordingly
  12. Maintain 2 way communications with the BOD, National Support Staff, and Regional Directors by replying to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

Desired Skills:

  1. Business and Administration degree with 2-3 years’ experience in the Nonprofit Sector preferred
  2. Perfect role for a retiree with prior ED, CEO, and nonprofit managerial expertise
  3. Must possess a thorough knowledge of the theory, philosophy, and current issues in running a military & veteran support organization plus have the ability to interpret this philosophy to others internally and externally.
  4. Ability to prepare written materials for public dissemination, including public speaking and the writing of reports, manuals, directives, and related materials
  5. Ability to establish effective working relationships with other organizational volunteers, other organizations, and the general public to include public relations and public information requirements in accomplishing the mission of the organization
  6. Ability to manage in an efficient and effective manner for the accomplishment of the mission of the organization
  7. Knowledge of state ethics and other laws pertaining to 501c3 nonprofit public charity organizations
  8. Understanding of banking/accounting regulations for 501c3 nonprofit public charity organizations
  9. Possess strong interpersonal skills including conflict management, customer service, ability to respond effectively to sensitive inquires/complaints in a professional manner and with tact
  10. Ability to multi-task with projects
  11. Ability to work with and direct other volunteers with in the organization who provide support for the mission and programs at both the National and State levels
  12. Ability to travel in-state to meetings, workshops, events/functions to promote Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

Management Procedures and Responsibilities:

  1. CEO to National President – Responsible to President on daily basis for operation and coordination of the organization.
  2. CEO to National Secretary – Assists in maintaining all organizational records
  3. CEO to National Treasurer – Coordinates formulation of budget and other financial documents with Treasurer. Co-signs with Treasurer all checks, vouchers, and disbursements
  4. CEO to National BOD – Responsible for CEO’s report at each BOD meeting and carries out the policies of the board

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Updated: 20 May 2017