Please read the following BEFORE completing the Contact Us Form below:

  • If your particular inquiry pertains to one of the programs, please visit the “Our Programs” link on Home page. The  “Pet Foster Home” program was established to try to assist with specific types of situations.  If you do not see your particular situation we do not have appropriate resources to assist you.
  • The “Contact Us” form below is for use regarding the items shown only.  If you are looking to see if there might be a registered potential foster home available, we can only advise such upon receipt of either the “Canine” or “Feline” submission form – links for such is provided via the “instruction page” provided by clicking on your particular situation title (Situations We Assist With category) and we are trying to help with.  As our National office is not involved with the actual coordination effort, we are unable to answer such questions.  The appropriate pet submission form is the official request for assistance which is forwarded to the appropriate “Foster Coordination Liaison” (FCL) covering your state.  Please note our volunteer FCLs cover more than 1 state at any one time, so we are not able to advise who that coordinator may be, depends on which FCL is available when the official pet submission form is received.

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