Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet “Capital Projects” is another way to honor, remember, and support our military/ veteran communities, fallen warriors, military working dogs, and PTSD/TBI/MST service dogs by developing, establishing, and maintaining the MVP Sanctuary in Coryell County Texas (east of Gatesville. TX).

Questions or interested parties who wish to become involved with this program/capital project may contact our CEO (Linda Spurlin-Dominik)  by phone (254-248-1818) or via email (

Proposed Projects:

  • Official National Office: approximately 800-1,000 square foot building to act as the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet “National” office to perform required “day-to-day” operations of the organization and required administration of the organization’s programs.
  • 3 Memorial Gardens:: involves develop of 3 separate memorial gardens related to (1) “Fallen Warriors” including First Responders who lost their life in the “line of duty”; (2) Military Working Dogs (MWDs)” ; and (3) “Remembering our Pets”.
  • Warriors’ Angels Training Facility:  dedicated facility for training Warriors’ Angels (WA)Teams (Veteran Handler & Assistance Service Canine) in and around the Central Texas area. Full details about the Warriors’ Angels – TX provided HERE

Anticipated Costs

Capital Projects Costs

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Capital Project Director
  2. Capital Project Fundraising Committee 
  3. Capital Project Event Committee 
  4. Capital Project Outreach Committee

“On-Site” Security

“On-Site” security is being provided 24 hours/7 days a week  to ensure property is secure and properly maintained with an on-site manufactured home which currently is (1)  handling our national day-to-day operations until we can establish the official National HQ building and (2) the current residence for the CEO who  is also responsible for the 24/7 property security.

With the establishment of the separate “Official National Office”, the manufactured home will continue as the residence of the individual responsible for the 24/7 property security and maintenance.

Updated: 1 Jan 23