It is strongly recommended that you print this page for future reference please read this page completely before actually submitting any pets needing a foster home. We retain the right to decline any request if requirements are not adhered to except in rare situations.

General Overview

We help families whose Military Service Member or veteran has made the Ultimate Sacrifice. Families impacted by the loss of a loved one (KIA or Suicide-related) through their assigned SOS or TAPS representative and where the immediate family member (spouse or mother) feels with everything unexpected happening at the moment they are unable to properly care for the MSM/family pet or pets.

At the end of the foster term and they have decided not to keep the pet or pets, then the family will be responsible for picking up the pet or pets from the designated foster home for re-homing the pet or pets.

We suggest, for re-homing purposes, the appropriate family member contact an animal rescue organization.

Foster Term

  • Foster Term up to 3 months

Pet Requirements

 Each pet being submitted for assistance via the fostering program must be:

  • Altered (spay or neutered) and cannot have major aggressive issues. See our “Altered Pet” policy HERE for further details
  • Must be current on all required vaccinations including Bordetella
  • Recommend pet be Micro-chipped though not required
  • If Canine, then Heartworm test results must be negative
  • If Feline, then Feline Leukemia test results must be negative

Submission Requirements

The following is required by the legal pet owner (Please read and follow as required):

Step 1:  Assigned SOS or TAPS Representative – contacts our National office (254-248-1818) to confirm the situation and provide additional information we require. Please note this is the same person who is to be shown as the Secondary Point of Contact (SPOC) area of the submission document.

If there is to be another POC, please provide, name, relationship, phone number, and email in the Additional Comments section at end of the submission document.

Step 2:  Submit appropriate pet submission document on a per pet basis (one submission document per pet being submitted)

Canine Submission Form

Feline Submission Form

Other Type of Pet Submission Form

Step 3:  Copy of each submitted pet’s current veterinarian records which shows (1) required vaccinations including Bordetella are current (last date of shots given and next date of shots to be given), (2) pet is altered, (3) has been tested for Heartworm or FeLV (results negative), and (4) record pet is Micro-chipped.  Please note though we do not require a pet entering our program to be Micro-chipped, we do recommend as an additional safety precaution that such is done.

Note: Item 3 to be faxed to our National office via Fax # 877-788-8048 as soon as possible so the assigned coordinator can begin to assist you, ASAP. 

Other Responsibilities

In addition, the legal military/veteran pet owner or their authorized representative is responsible for the following:

1.  Respond to phone calls or emails from the assigned Coordination Liaison as quickly as possible. In delay to do so may impact how quickly we can assist.  If you have not received a reply to calls or emails to the Coordination Liaison after a 48 hour time period, please contact our National office via email,

Email Subject Line: (State) – (MSM Last Name) – (Pet Name)
Example: IL – Jones – Pet Rover

2. Participate in a “Meet & Greet” with the potential foster home between you, your pet, the family, and their pets to determine if this is a good fit for your pet and they are comfortable caring for your pet or pets.

3.  If both parties are comfortable then you and the chosen foster home are required to prepare and sign the Fostering Written Agreement (FWA). The “FWA” will be provided as an attachment to the “Meet & Greet” email to both the legal military pet owner and the chosen Foster Home.  Be sure to read the whole agreement and any questions should be directed to the assigned Foster Coordination Liaison (FCL).

Note: The “FWA”  is a binding document for all parties involved so where information is to be entered, please do so. Each party needs to retain a copy of the prepared/signed document.

4. The Foster Home caregiver is to fax a copy of the prepared/signed document to our National office (Fax 877-788-8048) within 5 days after the pet or pets are placed in a foster home.

Failure to prepare and sign the FWA will be recognized as between you and the foster home only and outside of the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet area of responsibility or ability to assist with any issues that may arise during the foster term. For your protection and that of your pet, an FWA is required to be prepared and signed by both parties.