Please read the following items before completing the submission document.

  1. Please provide the following requested information about your beloved canine.
  2. One submission is required per canine that needs a caring and safe home environment due to a deployment (combat or peacekeeping or humanitarian related mission) OR an unforeseen medical and/or homeless hardship.
  3. If submitting more than one Submission Form, please let us know in the Additional Information section (Section 8), if your pets can be placed with different foster home caregivers or if you prefer they remain together. All attempts will be made to keep your pets together in the same foster home when possible, but we cannot guarantee such as it depends on available foster homes in our network at the time a home is needed.
  4. Submissions received with missing information will be returned to the submitter for providing the mission information or the submission does not meet the criteria defined under our Foster Home program details on our website (Programs menus/Foster Home link).
  5. Submission of this document is not a guarantee that we can place your beloved pet.
  6. Pet must be spayed/neutered and current on shots prior to placement into a Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet© specific registered foster home. This is for protection of your pet, resident pets, pets of others within the same area as the foster home caregiver is located, the selected foster home, and our organization.
  7. ALL fields must be answered even if only N/A is shown to be accepted by the organization.
  8. Print instructions associated with your particular situation. They are provided on our website, which shows other items to be done in addition to submission of this form.
Confidentiality: Any personal information provided to our organization is not shared outside of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© and only shared with those within the organization that has a need to know. We follow OPSEC (Operations Security) guidelines, any Military and/or VA confidentiality polices, and HIPPA regulations in regards to confidentiality and sharing of information. Your name, email, and telephone number is only shared with a potential foster home caregiver upon your permission to do so. Email will be forwarded to the appropriate state “Foster Coordination Liaison” volunteer who will contact you as quickly as they can to review, answer questions, and begin the process to identify a suitable foster home and place your pet.


his section is for the active duty Military Service Member, wounded warrior, or veteran legal pet owner’s contact information. Reminder: the contact phone numbers and email address must be those of the active duty Military Service Member (MSM) or veteran and may not be those of a spouse, family member, or anybody else. Submissions without the active duty MSM phone numbers or email will be returned for correction.   Reminder: the contact phone numbers and email address must be those of the active duty Military Service Member (MSM) or veteran. May not be those of a spouse, family member, or someone else. Submissions without the active duty MSM phone numbers or email will be returned to be corrected.
Assigned base and Command for reference purposes should be required for ALL active duty and soon to be retired members
Enter the city and state that the canine is located in.
When do you need a Foster Home by (Month, Day, and Year)? This is the latest date that your pet needs to be placed into a specific Foster Home.
(Initial Box)
(Initial Box)
(Initial Box) (written decisions have been made between you and the foster home or this is a case involving a Homeless Veteran) Exception: Homeless Veteran and arrangements have been made with the organization’s Natl office.


Note: If situation is that an immediate family member has a major medical situation it requires verification of major medical or handicap situation in writing from Primary Care Physician
Note: If Veteran Homeless Hardship situation you must provide VA or Primary Care Contact details via Secondary Point of Contact section of this submission.


For Deployments and Fallen Warrior cases, this would be the person who has official authorization to act on your behalf if we are unable to reach you. For Veteran Medical and/or Homeless Veteran cases, this must be the appropriated assigned case worker. For Veteran Medical and/or Homeless Veteran cases, this must be the assigned VA case worker.



Reminder: 1 submission per pet if you have more than 1 pet required to be fostered.
Enter the city and state that the canine is located in.
Reminder: copy of most current vaccination record (what shots given, last date given and next date due, plus last Heartworm Test given and results) plus copy of Rabies Certificate. Requested copies to be faxed to our National Office (866-800-0115), prior to pet or pets being placed in any of our registered potential foster homes
Reminder: pet must be heartworm tested if the test was performed longer than a year since last test, prior to placement in a specific foster home.


Please provide additional pertinent information pertaining to your particular situation, since the more and detailed information we have, the better we are able to identify a possible good match that meets the need of your beloved pet or pets.


Boarding might be required while the assigned FCL is determining the potential availability of an appropriate foster home including boarding such pet, unless different arrangements have been made with our Natl office prior to submitting this form.
Unless other arrangements have been made within 10 days prior to the end of the FWA designated foster term with the organization’s assigned FCL.



My full name entered below indicates that I am the active duty military/veteran legal pet owner and declare the information provided for this submission is accurate, complete, and true.
Use the cursor to sign your name.
In addition, I confirm and understand by signing below that: 1) Entering incomplete or false information can result in Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet© rejecting this submission or can delay our ability to assist you in a timely manner. 2) If I am submitting more than 1 pet for assistance that Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is unable to guarantee that all the pets submitted will be fostered in the same home during the foster term.
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