It is strongly recommended that you print this page for future reference; please read this page entirely before actually submitting any pets needing a foster home. We retain the right to decline any request if requirements are not adhered to except in rare situations.

Deployments, for our foster home program, means where a unit or members of a specific unit (single or dual military) have received deployment orders related to a combat or peacekeeping or humanitarian mission only with a foster term up to 1 year (depending on the branch of service).

When possible, please submit the pet’s information at least 30 days before the “Foster Home Needed No Later Than” date. The more time we have, the better we will be able to assist you.

Note: Submissions received with less than 21 days between the time of submission and a foster home is needed, may require the pet to be boarded at the legal pet owner’s expense.

Submission Requirements

Step 1:  Legal military pet owner or their authorized representative submits the appropriate pet submission document (one submission per pet)

Canine Submission Form

Feline Submission Form

Other Type of Pet Submission Form


Step 2:  Letter from your Command (on Command letterhead)

 (1) Confirming your deployment orders related to a combat or peacekeeping or humanitarian type mission
(2) That your pet will possibly be placed in a registered foster home through the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet “Foster Home” program and
(3) They may contact our National office (254-248-1818) if something occurs at your end or
(4) Our National office may contact the command in a rare instance if required.

Step 3:  If applicable Letter from Spouse or Child’s Primary Care Physician (on Physician’s letterhead) OR the “Exceptional Family Medical Program” (EFMP) caseworker confirming the major medical/handicap situation (i.e., MS, Autism) impacting the spouse’s ability to care for the family pet(s) during deployment. This letter is required where the immediate family’s (spouse and children) ability is impacted to care for the family pet(s) due to a major medical or handicap situation.

Step 4:  Copy of each submitted pet’s current veterinarian records which shows

(1) Required vaccinations including Bordetella are current (last date shots were given and next date shots to be given)
(2) Pet is altered
(3) Has been tested for Heartworm (results negative), and
(4) Record pet is Micro-chipped.

Note: Though we do not require a pet entering our program to be Micro-chipped, we do recommend as an additional safety precaution.

Note: Step 2, 3, and 4 documents are to be faxed to our National office via Fax # 877-788-8048 or e-mailed as an attachment to  as soon as possible so the assigned coordinator may begin to assist you. Our National office must receive these documents before any pets are placed into a foster home.

Other Responsibilities

In addition, the legal military/veteran pet owner or their authorized representative is responsible for the following:

1.  Respond to phone calls or e-mails from the assigned Foster Coordination Liaison (FCL) volunteer as quickly as possible. In delay to do so may impact how quickly we can assist.  If you have not received a reply to calls or e-mails to the assigned FCL after 48 hours, please contact our National office by e-mail,

Email Subject Line: (State) – (MSM Last Name) – (Pet Name)
Example: IL – Jones – Pet Rover

Note: If you have found a foster home on your own, please e-mail the assigned FCL and our National office, so the FCL can continue assisting other clients.

2. Participate in a “Meet & Greet” with the potential foster home between you, your pet, the foster home volunteer’s family, and their pets to determine if this is a good fit for your pet, and they are comfortable caring for your pet.

3.  If both parties are comfortable then you and the foster home volunteer are required to prepare and sign the Fostering Written Agreement (FWA). The FWA will be provided as an attachment to the “Meet & Greet” e-mail sent to both the legal military pet owner and the chosen foster home. Be sure to read the entire agreement. Questions should be directed to the assigned Foster Coordination Liaison (FCL).

Note: The FWA  is a binding document for all parties so please complete each entry. Each party needs to retain a copy of the prepared/signed document.

4. The Foster Home caregiver is to fax a copy of the prepared/signed Fostering Written Agreement to our National Office (Fax 877-788-8048) within 5 days after the pet(s) are placed in the foster home.

Failure to prepare and sign the FWA will be recognized as an agreement between you and the foster home only, and outside of the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet responsibility. For your protection, and that of your pet, an FWA is required to be prepared and signed by both parties.