This national virtual volunteer role will be responsible for the development and training of the virtual and “on-site” volunteers for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet. This position requires a dynamic person who has exceptional people and diplomatic skills. Needs to be well organized with time management, have good email etiquette and confidence in using the internet, and enjoys training others.

This virtual volunteer reports to the National CEO.


  1. Lead online training for our virtual volunteers including orientation and specific role training
  2. Collaborate with National CEO and National Marketing/Communications Director to develop training formats
  3. E-mail training schedule and other documents to new volunteers
  4. Maintain a copy of the “Volunteer Training Schedule” tracking workbook
  5. Send an e-mail to National CEO advising him/her as to which volunteers have completed training (full name, city/state, and volunteer role).
  6. Prepares the monthly “Volunteer Service Hours” report and submits to National office by the 10th of the month following the reporting month.
  7. Maintain 2-way communications with National CEO on a regular basis and reply to e-mails/phone calls from the National office in a timely manner.
  8. Promotes the Organization (Who We Are-What We Do-How We Do It) within the volunteer’s community to those the volunteer knows or feels would be interested in what we do (individuals, other groups/organizations, businesses, etc.)
  9. Checks the organization’s assigned email account at a minimum of 3 times a week.

Desired Skills:

  1. Knowledge of:
    1. Role of volunteers in a successful grassroots organization
    2. Legal aspects of a volunteer program
    3. Understands the organization’s mission and goals
  2. Ability to:
    1. Prepare concise reports
    2. Maintain accurate volunteer training records
    3. Use computers and access to program-related software proficiently (MS Office-Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    4. Communicate in a friendly and informative manner with people from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic background and lifestyles
    5. Work independently and as a “Team” member
  3. Experience
    1. Prior experience as a volunteer or paid staff involving training volunteers preferred
    2. Prior experience with a grassroots, nonprofit organization also preferred
  4. Average available time: 25-30 hours per month

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Updated: 21 May 2017