The MVP Sanctuary program Support/Administration Team has been created to oversee the development, implementation, and administration of the projects involved to ensure the development, implementation, and the maintenance areas are covered and in compliance with any federal, state, and local regulations/requirements.

The Team:

  • Linda Spurlin Dominik (BIO)
    Program Director
  • Jack “One-Eyed” Smoot
    Project Development/Planning Advisor
  • Tonya Phippa
    Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet “National Marketing Director”

Administration Team Responsibilities:

  • Program Plan Development & Implementation
  • Budget Development & Administration
  • Donations/Grants Administration & Tracking
  • Events/Fundraising Development & Administration
  • Capital Campaign Development, Administration, & Tracking
  • Policies/Guidelines/Forms Development & Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Risk Management
  • Website Administration
  • Volunteer Management & Training
  • Volunteer Recognition Program

Questions and requests for additional information:

Contact: Linda Spurlin-Dominik
Phone: (254) 248-1818